Lapiplasty™ Procedure

The Lapiplasty® Procedure: Advancement and Innovation in Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a bone prominence at the great toe joint which makes shoe fit and wear difficult due to irritation and pain. Bunion reduction surgery aims to alleviate this pain and realign the forefoot. Approximately 330,000 bunion surgeries take place in the United States annually. Traditional surgical procedures do not always address the triplane (3D) nature of these deformities which can lead to recurrence and unsatisfactory results. It has been documented in the scientific literature that bunion recurrence can reach 30-50% following traditional surgery.

The Lapiplasty® procedure provides several key advantages over other bunion surgical procedures.

  • It achieves true tri-planar (3D) correction of the entire bunion deformity resulting in a more normal foot structure.
  • It addresses the “root cause” of the bunion deformity which greatly reduces or eliminates the chance of recurrence of the deformity in the future.
  • It minimizes the amount of bone removed which results in less shortening and more stability.
  • It uses specially designed plates that provide superior stability allowing patients to walk on their foot within days of surgery.

Dr. Thomas T. Pignetti and Dr. Fernando Fernandez are proud to be the first and most experienced surgeons in The Woodlands to offer this innovative surgical solution. Contact our office by calling (281) 292-7000 to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors and see if you are a candidate for the Lapiplasty® procedure.

Before & After Bunion Correction