Hyperblue laser is a safe and effective alternative form of treatment for the condition that causes fungal toenails. Patients receive 4 quick treatments with little or no discomfort that are performed without the need of anesthesia. The laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue and treats only the infected area of the toenail. No oral medications or topical ointments are used, eliminating the potential side effects of traditional oral medications

Clinical studies have shown that treatments kill the organism that causes toenail fungus and promotes clear nail growth in better than 80% of cases. The laser treatment is safe, effective, and an excellent alternative for patients that do not wish to take a long regimen of oral medications. The laser uses wavelengths that will penetrate the nail and eliminate the destructive fungus that was causing the infection and leaves the nail revitalized as it grows out.

Advantages of Hyperblue laser treatments:

  • Safe, painless treatment
  • No side effects or medication to take or apply
  • No liver enzyme test required
  • No recovery time, just walk in and walk out

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