Dr. Thomas Pignetti and Dr. Fernando Fernandez are proud to be the first and most experienced surgeons in The Woodlands to offer Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction. What's more, Advanced Foot Care is the first practice in the greater Houston region to be recognized as a Lapiplasty Centurion Center. This highest level of distinction given by Treace Medical Concepts (the company that developed and patented the procedure) identifies us as one of the most experienced practices in the nation to offer this procedure.

The Lapiplasty® procedure provides the benefits of a standard, reproducible surgical approach that achieves tri-planar 3D correction by using special instrumentation specifically designed to manipulate and reduce the bunion prior to making the initial bone cuts. This allows for minimal bone removal, which nearly eliminates the risk of significant bone shortening—and the end result is a more normal foot structure.

Titanium plates designed specifically for this procedure secure the correction at the previously unstable joint, addressing the root cause of the bunion deformity. The plates are thin yet strong enough to permit weight-bearing in a removable cast boot in as early as three days following surgery—a sharp contrast to traditional procedures that required at least six weeks of complete non-weight bearing. Additionally, after a successful Lapiplasty® procedure, the risk of recurrence is very low; your bunions will likely be permanently gone—yet another sharp contrast to other procedures, which often require additional surgical revisions years after the initial correction.