Posted on Jun 02, 2022


Can Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ Remove Bunions For Good?

Dr. Pignetti from Advanced Foot Care has treated countless patients suffering with bunions. He understands how frustrating and painful the condition can be. He was interviewed by KPRC Channel 2 News and was featured on where he described how he helped a patient who was in so much pain from a bunion that she could barely stand. He knew she would be a great candidate for Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™.

During the interview he explained how a bunion develops and why the Lapiplasty is an excellent procedure to correct this complex deformity. He described the advantages of the Lapiplasty technique and how it permits an earlier return to weight bearing than other comparable procedures. His patient shared her experience with having bunion pain as well as her experience with the Lapiplasty procedure and recovery. After the procedure, she was able to walk, return to activities and wear her favorite shoes again. 

Since the airing of this news story, Dr. Pignetti and Dr. Fernandez have been recognized as amongst the most experienced Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™surgeons in the US. During 2022, Advanced Foot Care was designated a Lapiplasty Elite Center by Treace Medical Concepts, Inc, the company that developed the procedure. It was the 13th practice nationwide to receive that distinction.

What Is The Difference Between Lapiplasty And Regular Bunion Surgery?

Rather than shaving off the edge of the bunion and possibly cutting the bone and sliding over in an effort to make the foot look better, Lapiplasty surgery works by derotating and shfiting the out of place bones and joints into a more correct, natural position and secures them in place.  This more complete correction stabilizes the area of the foot that allowed the bunion to form in the first place and greatly reduces the chance of the bunion returning after surgery.

How Long Does Lapiplasty Surgery Take?

Lapiplasty surgery takes approximately one to one and one-half hours from start to finish.  Patients are typically in recovery for an hour before being discharged to go home.

Does Insurance Pay For Lapiplasty?

Private Insurance and Medicare typically cover Lapiplasty surgery when it is determined that the procedure is medically necessary.

How Long After Lapipasty Can I Walk?

Most patients are able to walk three to four days after their Lapiplasty surgery using a special post-op boot. Some patients may require a longer period of non-weight bearing if other procedures are performed in addition to the Lapiplasty. In addition, other factors such as age, overall health and circulation status may impact the time to return to weight bearing as well as the recovery timeline.

If Both Feet Have Bunions, Can Both Feet Be Fixed At The Same Time?

It is not recommended that both feet have surgery at the same time.  While one foot is recovering from surgery, the other needs to bear more of the stress related to walking and other activities.  If both feet are operated on at the same time, complications tend to increase. The increased stress may interfere with proper healing and jeopardize the end result. It is recommended that surgery on the second foot should take place no earlier than eight weeks after the first Lapiplasty procedure.


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